Sunday, April 09, 2006


1,500 pieces - this was one I found in a local charity shop about a year ago (and it felt like it took that long to complete). Anyway, if you're still awake, here's the box cover (well an image of the jigsaw on the 'net)

This is one I'd like to do again, just for the mental challenge of all that sky.


Francesca said...

Could you please tell me the name of the manufacturer of this jigsaw puzzle - the one I did earlier has been ruined by water damage and I am desperate to replace it. As I live in Spain I am having great difficulty finding one as the 1500 piece one does not show up on any listings we have found. There is a large empty space on our study wall now waiting to be filled! Could you kindly help us please? Thank you.

Francesca said...
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