Saturday, December 09, 2006


It's a real nice painting by Vermeer.

The interesting point is I found this on a table sale, locally. It's only 500 pieces, so it's no great mountain to climb. But it's a truly beautiful puzzle in both design and construction. It's a circular puzzle, which is so sweet. And all the pieces are totally unique in shape - one of the things that was truly beginning to grind on my nerves with all the Ravensburger jigsaws I'd done was the similarity of the pieces - it's really boring after three, four, five puzzles. This one took about a day to complete. It's a classy little corker.

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Chad Goulding said...

Yay! Mike's Jigsaw blog is back in action!

I had a circular jigsaw once, & absolutely loved it. Its a nice picture with this one too. I've got a soft spot for those old paintings.