Sunday, April 16, 2006


At the time of writing, this beauty fell outside the remit of Jigsaws Wot I've Done in that I had all the edge pieces, and I'd just done the inner frame (the outline of the globe) with all that lovely grey stuff. I'm really enjoying this one. I think I'd really get a kick out of a Mark Rothko one.

update: what a great Easter weekend. Friday, spent recovering from my Thursday-night-out with the lads. Saturday, 12 mile walk in the New Forest with my family, Brockenhurst-Lyndhurst-Brockenhurst + picnic. Sunday, ten miles around Wytham Woods + picnic with the family -- in the evening accepted/rejected stories from the second batch of Chimeraworld #4 submissions. Monday, today, finally got this jigsaw finished. It's not a world record but I did finish it in 3 days and I found out where the Galapogas Islands live. Nice.

Saturday, April 15, 2006


This is a jigsaw I remember doing last year. It wasn't my fault. It was (again) my daughter's fault. We got her this 1,000 piece Schmidt jigsaw called PETITE CHATTE (Little Cat) and (again) she found all the edge pieces and put them together. She did really well and I didn't help her at all. Then I put together the remaining 8-900 or so pieces. It was fun though, quite a challenge all that fur and stuff.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Ravensburger, HARLECH CASTLE

Bricks, bricks, bricks and more bricks. This 1,000 piece beauty is a photo of Harlech Castle (interesting trivia moment: Harlech Castle was just down the road from where we just spent a lovely 4 days in the Snowdonia National Park, a place called Bryn Elltyd @ Blaenau Ffestiniog). Here it is, another Ravensburger Jigsaws classic.


The first of a few 1,000 piece Ravensburger jigsaws I've done, this delightful Disney effort is called Disney Princesses 'cos it has all the princesses from the disney films in it. I say I've done but it was really for my little daughter and I to do as a shared thing. Honest. But she got bored with it just about after the edge was all complete. Honest.

And anyway, the change of style from the previous (photographic) ones to the primary colour cartoony ones added an extra challenge. You're scared now, aren't you?


2009 Update: three years later and I've jsut redone this jigsaw ... in preparation for a redoing of the amazingly difficult Napoleon Crossing The Alps.


1,500 pieces - this was one I found in a local charity shop about a year ago (and it felt like it took that long to complete). Anyway, if you're still awake, here's the box cover (well an image of the jigsaw on the 'net)

This is one I'd like to do again, just for the mental challenge of all that sky.

EXQUISITE CREATURES, Insect Art by Christopher Marley

1,000 piece jigsaw mania once again grasped me by the throat and crushed my windpipe until I went blue and (nearly) died from completion anxiety. This episode of jigsawing madness is titled EXQUISITE CREATURES (Insect Art by Christopher Marley - image below).

This is sort of an (edited) update as I posted the original entry a week back - why the update? Well, it was all going (annoyingly) well. If you look closely at the image, you'll see that the majority of heads are completely different colours from the bodies, making this one of the most difficult 1,000 piecers I've ever attempted. I was a mere 50 pieces from completing this (maddening) puzzle. I return from work today to find the my wife and daughter have FINISHED IT FOR ME.