Saturday, May 20, 2006

2002 W.H. Smith, LUCKY MARBLES:

Saturday: a new jigsaw
This is a fairly big one this time round, both the post and the jigsaw - Lucky Marbles was one of seven special jigsaws published exclusively by W.H.Smith. Rather than pay some large toy corporation £10 for it, I paid £2.99 in the Abingdon Oxfam - all for a good cause. 1,500 pieces and I've not even started it yet as tonight is Eurovision Night. Thought you needed to be taken through the whole painful ordeal or starting, struggling with, then finishing a biggee. Hope it fits on my coffee table. Here's the delightful cover image, as it's an old jigsaw so this is the largest image I could find on the 'net.

Sunday: the nightmare begins.
The morning after the Eurovision before. I don't even know who won - we got to the bit where all the telephone votes had been counted and we thought 'how can they stretch this out to another hour?' and then they insisted on that worthless tradition of getting EACH COUNTRY to spell out their score 10-0. Who won? Don't care. The Croatia entry was great.
Anyway, I'm putting off the inevitable. Got all the edges done this morning. Did the jigsaw fit on the coffee table? You'll bet your life it didn't. I'll have to cludge together some sort of contingency plan. Stay tuned...

Monday: the journey begins
Silver-backed wrapping paper left over from Xmas or a birthday. That was the solution. A length of that hardy stuff rolled out on the floor, ample space. I've now got the edge done, and some details; the yellow barrel/red legs front and centre; the girl's blue dotted dress bottom right; the signage and wrapping paper top left; most of the basket of fruit tucked away in the bottom left corner. Destination centre of the jigsaw. Wish me luck.

Tuesday week later: nearly there
Yeah, the jigsaw. Fear not, my perverse blog reader, my intention was not to neglect you. It's just... well. That's how jigsaws are. You just add piece to piece to piece until the picture is complete. I have about 1,000 pieces arranged now, with about 500 pieces to fit in. And that's it. I'll let you know when it's done. Hopefully, real life trauma won't get in the way before then.

Three weeks to the day since the nightmare began:
And what a nightmare jigsaw it's been. All sorts of muted colours, not too many lines to guide the jigsawing eye. Very glossy puzzle, too. Made it hard to see the subtle transitions of gloomy tones. But screw all'a that rhetoric. It's over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Saturday, May 06, 2006

Ravensburg speed jigsawing, 2-IN-A-BOX

As the weather was so dull, wet and generally miserable today, my nine year old daughter Madeline and I decided that a nice break from her mammoth Harry Potter books weekends (The Prisoner of Azhkaban is book three, right?) would be a bit of speed jigsawing on one we'd done a couple times already.

Yep, that's it. Ravensburg's JIGSAW MAPS 2-in-a-box. There are (as it says on the cover) 2 jigsaws in the box. The first one, MAP OF EUROPE (100 pieces), we managed to polish off in a mere ten minutes. The other one, MAP OF BRITISH ISLES (200 pieces) took substantially longer; forty minutes. I know these are not world records. And I know it's only a bit of fun. But my geography has improved quite a bit since I got interested in jigsaws.