Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Waddington's SWANS & CYGNETS:

I am trapped in the purgatory of the most difficult jigsaw in the world...

so what was so hard about it? It's really weird. It took me like 3 weeks to fully understand what was going on. I could see how the colours matched and where the blocks of colour should work. But a) there were very few lines to help find connecting strings and b) the design of the pieced was totally random.

Let me try to explain: usually, each jigsaw piece is cut via a square-ish grid. This way you can look ahead and see what sort of size of piece you might also be looking for - there are loads of helpful tile aids. But this one - it was only 350 pieces - was soooooo challenging because the pieces weren't cut on a grid and the lines of the tile overlapped. You'd have what looked like a tall thin part-piece that sat next to a really large wide piece. And on it went...

I'm just a jigsaw whiner though - it's done. Lesson learned.